La Mansion Taqueria

 Delicious & Fresh Authentic Mexican Food


La Mansion Taqueria

4676 Princess Anne Rd, Ste 270
Virginia Beach, Va 23462
Open 6 Days a Week
Monday-Thursday - 11am to 9pm
Friday & Saturday - 11am to 9pm
Sunday - CLOSED


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.


Welcome to La Mansion Taqueria! We are a family-run, independent Taqueria/Restaurant/Bar offering the best quality authentic, homemade Mexican dishes, special weekend menu options and mixed drinks in Virginia Beach, in stunning and contemporary surroundings. We offer a great place to meet, eat and socialize for lunch or dinner, so please book a table with one of our friendly team or just pop in to say hello.

La Mansion Taqueria takes pride in serving our guests the most authentic, fresh homemade Mexican food in Va Beach. La Mansion Taqueria's cooking style is based of the southern part of Mexico. Leon, Guanajuato is where our food culture comes from.

The Chef has mastered the preparation of Mexican seasonings for our most authentic Mexican foods such as: our handmade Tacos, Tamales, Enchiladas, Sopes, Quesadillas, Gorditas and Flautas and our signature platters Mole, Pozole, Menudo, Caldo de Camaron and Coctel de Camaron. Providing a hearty meal and a wholesome workplace was the best way to ensure our customers leave happy and satisfied. Come share the flavors of Leon, Guanajuato at La Mansion Taqueria!

We hope you'll agree that it's the best place for food, fun, margaritas and sports! Whatever the occasion, La Mansion Taqueria is always ready to spice up your dining experience. Take a short trip to Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico here at La Mansion Taqueria and enjoy the recipes we discovered to entice your appetite. Come visit La Mansion Taqueria where “Mi casa su casa”.
A Little History About La Mansion!  
·       Established 2016
·       Best tacos in Va. Beach
·       Great customer service and great quality foods